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Artificial Intelligence

At QBrainX, we have mastered the art of delivering intelligent solutions that help you fast track your problem-solving capabilities.

With the digital business transformation kicking in, industry structures, and strategic positioning has drastically changed along with the levels of an organization. Business leaders are in a constant search to upgrade their organizations to unlock productivity and also gain a significant competitive edge without having to compromise on the overall customer experience.

At QBrainX, we leverage various aspects of AI in order to enhance overall customer experience by anticipating needs and optimizing workflows, providing efficient results faster, with better outcomes. Our capabilities cover Natural Language Processing, Chatbot Development, and Bot Framework Development. Here’s a glimpse at our AI operating model:

AI, the next-gen technology has taken businesses by a storm as many industries have already adopted it in one form or the other. With RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) mimicking human cognitive behavior and manual labor; ML bringing crucial business aspects to light, it’s as if businesses can’t be imagined without them.


To chalk out what your business needs


To identify where and when to implement it


Using the right resources


Integrating the entire thing with existing applications

Natural Langauge Processing

A progressive technology that enables machines to acknowledge and understand words, sentences, and intent. The implementation of NLP eliminates the complexity of conducting linguistic conversions to machine level language.

At QBrainX, our NLP development team works on the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms for the successful creation of intelligent software by performing

  1. Parsing
  2. Semantic Determination
  3. Text Segmentation
  4. Sentiment Analytics
  5. Stemming
  6. Entity Identification


Here is a glimpse at the NLP development services at QBrainX:

Why should you consider NLP Development?

With NLP development, you get a chance to solve complex industry and business-specific challenges. Here is a glimpse of why you should consider NLP development and how it will impact your business in toto:

  1. Analyzing sentiments of SM posts, product reviews, and other texts to improve customers’ experience
  2. Helps in identifying patterns in emails or reports and categorize them accordingly
  3. Helps in detecting threats and risks to later combat them with better management
  4. Preparing FAQs related to business, products, etc for prompt problem solving
  5. Enhancing search relevance and delivering personalized results for eCommerce businesses based on the intent of a query
  6. Increasing upsell opportunities by becoming more customer-centric


NLP Development with QBrainX

Our dedicated team of NLP developers is adept and logically strong. We integrate natural language processing into the systems by combining artificial intelligence and machine learning and linguistics. Our highly secure and reliable procedures are bound to deliver next-generation search results from chatbots to virtual assistants.

Chatbots will fundamentally revolutionize how computing is experienced by everybody.

Satya Nadella CEO, Microsoft


As mobile and web app audience engagement is being completely transformed with the introduction of chatbots (a software enabling automated interactions between businesses and prospects in real-time), companies have been on the quest for making these interactions even smarter. At QBrainX, our team of developers works on dynamic frameworks to create customized chatbots suitable for your business that will help transform your audience engagement on mobile and web applications. Our team of technical experts develops chatbot software by using:

Why should you consider QBot software?

From an earlier version of simple text-based solutions to present-day AI-powered conversations, chatbots have evolved immensely. Alongside ensuring streamlined interactions and providing automated conversations, here’s why you need an AI-powered chatbot software for your business:

  1. To ensure customer satisfaction with prompt interactions
  2. For 24*7*365 customer support
  3. To create a productive database
  4. Streamlining support functions
  5. For better lead generation and customer retention
  6. Quick resolutions for customer complaints and queries
  7. To boost your sales by enhancement of your overall customer engagements and interactions
  8. To ensure transparency in operations and enhance staff efficiency

Why Consider QBot Development Services At QBrainX?

At QBrainX, we analyze all the applicable use cases, your business objectives, target audience, buyer persona, and competition in order to determine the overall framework. The chatbot development services at QBrainX include:

  1. Chatbot development consultation after analyzing the various use cases
  2. Creating a procedural flow of conversation to determine the personality, tasks, and tone of the conversation
  3. Natural language processing
  4. Chatbot plugin
  5. Using data to enhance the bot functioning
  6. User and application testing for a bug-free implementation
  7. Deployment and seamless integration with other enterprise software
  8. Quality assurance and support
  9. Optimize the conversation flow and customer experience

Accelerating the integration of intelligence into every device, bot framework development - a virtual landscape, has successfully transformed the conversations between machines and humans making the interactions seamless and effective. These frameworks have turned AI-powered activities possible by embracing smart features to solve queries in a competent way.


At QBrainX, our team of experts is pros at bot framework development, from language & syntax parsing to Natural Language Processing to Machine Learning to cloud-based integrations, they are known to present intelligent bots and help your business take a step towards success.

Our Bot Frameworks Specialties

Our highly-skilled and versatile team of experts helps build intelligent chatbots and virtual agents within a framework that aligns with the changing business dynamics. We specialize in the following integrated environments & frameworks for bot development:

  1. Microsoft Chatbot Framework
  2. Chatfuel
  3. Facebook Bot
  1. IBM Watson
  2. Wit.AI
  3. Dialog Flow

Why You Should Consider Bot Framework Development?

We realize how important those prompt conversations are for your business and we are here to help you get started with chatbot development by providing an ideal integrated environment and the right tech stack for the various stages of bot development.

  1. It’s an amazing solution to boost your business
  2. Enables smart customer-engagements
  3. Seamless and hassle-free integrations with third-party technologies



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