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Employee Interactions using HRSD
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How to Organize Employee Interactions using HRSD

What is HRSD? HRSD (HR Service Delivery) enhances the employee experience by automating repetitive operations, giving tools to assist HR Professionals in delivering various HR services, and communicating with employees...
Approaches of Service Mapping
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Approaches of Service Mapping and Its Features

Service Mapping explores all applications in your enterprise, creating a full map of all application services, applications and configuration profiles. It enables the organization and clouds IT departments to provide...
Progressive Risk Management
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Importance of organizational risk management and how an organization safeguards it

Risk management is the evaluation, management, and mitigation procedure for reducing losses. It applies to both business and investing. The risks could arise from a variety of sources, such as...
IT Operations blog Post
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Do IT Operations help to manage the Business?

IT operations are a range of services or procedures provided to internal and external clients by IT specialists for the operations of their businesses. It encompasses IT operations such as...
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ServiceNow ITSM

ITSM is a set of workflows and technologies for optimum development, delivery, and IT Services Management. ITSM is used to manage incidents, service requests, problems, and changes via an ITSM...
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ServiceNow HRSM

What is HSRM? HRSM helps in managing your employee onboarding tasks within a short time and effectively. It also helps in managing employee documents in an organized manner.Employee Document Management...
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ServiceNow SecOps

What is ServiceNow SecOps? ServiceNow Security Operations is a Now Platform-based security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) engine. It helps security and IT teams respond more quickly and efficiently to...
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ServiceNow ITOM

What is ServiceNow ITOM? The ServiceNow ITOM platform enhances cloud use and decreases the costs of an organization. It also helps to manage infrastructure and service availability. ITOM collects and...
GRC Blog Post
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ServiceNow GRC Features

What is ServiceNow GRC? GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) helps to establish an integrated risk management module that responds to business risks in real-time. It assists in connecting security and...
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ServiceNow CSM Features

What is Service Now CSM? Customer Service Management (CSM) is a workflow or tool for optimally delegates and tracks all interactions with clients and customers. It is a powerful platform...