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Approaches of Service Mapping
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Approaches of Service Mapping and Its Features

Service Mapping explores all applications in your enterprise, creating a full map of all application services, applications and configuration profiles. It enables the organization and clouds IT departments to provide...
IT Operations blog Post
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Do IT Operations help to manage the Business?

IT operations are a range of services or procedures provided to internal and external clients by IT specialists for the operations of their businesses. It encompasses IT operations such as...
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ServiceNow ITOM

What is ServiceNow ITOM? The ServiceNow ITOM platform enhances cloud use and decreases the costs of an organization. It also helps to manage infrastructure and service availability. ITOM collects and...
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Service Catalog – Manage Employees Workstation Requirements Effectively

In this age of rapidly increasing digital transformation, businesses have understood the value of IT as an important catalyst in creating greater brand value and gaining an advantage over competitors....