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9 Benefits of Enterprise Service Management to reinvent processes and create a bullet-proof organization

The post-COVID environment benefits an organization that adapts Enterprise Service Management which brings them one step closer to digital transformation. Before knowing why we say this and how it would...
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Importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a method of managing client relationships that aid in the development of relationships between customers and businesses. Businesses primarily...
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Change Management process and its workflow

The Change Management application offers a systematic approach to controlling the life cycle of all changes, allowing for beneficial changes to be implemented with minimal disruption to IT services.

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ServiceNow Asset Management Process and Features

What is ServiceNow Asset Management? ServiceNow Asset Management helps in tracking the contractual, financial, and inventory details of devices and hardware including non-IT assets, over the course of their lifecycles....
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Understanding the CMDB process and its components

What exactly is CMDB? CMDB (Configuration management databases) is a component of the ITSM system that serves as a data warehouse for information about IT environments and the components used...
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Why ITSM is Important

ITSM is a set of workflows and technologies for optimum development, delivery, and IT Services Management. ITSM is used to manage incidents, service requests, problems, and changes via an ITSM...
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Optimize Workforce Management with ITSM

ITSM or IT service management refers to planning, designing, delivering, and supporting IT services using people, practices, and technology. It is a combination of policies and procedures for IT service...