Employee Interactions using HRSD
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How to Organize Employee Interactions using HRSD

What is HRSD?

HRSD (HR Service Delivery) enhances the employee experience by automating repetitive operations, giving tools to assist HR Professionals in delivering various HR services, and communicating with employees on a timely basis.

It also aids in increasing productivity and engagement, as well as streamlining and automating processes in an emergency. Manage staff interactions in a systematic and effective manner to reduce service delivery costs.

Manage staff interactions in a systematic and effective manner to reduce service delivery costs

HRSD services include creating HR-related requests, completing tasks, and searching for HR documents in departments such as IT, finance, and security, among others.

Who can access HRSD service?

It is used by employees and HR professionals across the organization, including leadership and members of other departments’ staff. HRSD services include creating HR-related requests, completing tasks, and searching for HR documents in departments such as IT, finance, and security, among others.

Features of HRSD

Features of HRSD

Case and Knowledge Management:

It enables HR and shared services teams to standardize and support a wide range of employee situations across HR centers of excellence, while also providing HR teams with the tools they need to satisfy employee expectations and give prompt, responsive assistance to employees wherever they are.

It is also essential that HR and shared services have a dedicated solution that gives employees the necessary context and instruction on how to rapidly answer employee inquiries.

Key benefits of Case and knowledge management:

  • Manage complex employee cases effectively.
  • Provide a consistent knowledge base containing HR policies, processes, and articles that can be searched and browsed.
  • Simplify knowledge creation and consumption.
  • Organize data, services, and processes in human resource management.
  • Provide a real-time view of all cases, SLAs, agent workloads to track against performance.
  • Save time when it comes to creating cases for groups of employees by using a template.

Employee Service Center:

It helps users find the right apps and information which is crucial to the employee’s satisfaction and success. Whether it’s HR, IT, Workplace Services, Legal, or Procurement, employees want to go to a single place to seek assistance from their employers. Through the use of a single service experience across all departments, employees may be more productive.

Key benefits of Employee service center:

  • Enable enterprise-wide, customer-grade search.
  • Create and distribute customized material and notifications to employees via any channel of your choice.
  • Ensure a consistent level of service across all departments.
  • Measuring and tracking content engagement in your portals and staff communications.
  • Connect, engage, and collaborate with employees.
  • Boost employee productivity.
  • View and search for employees based on their role and location.
  • Create a custom customized page that reflects your company’s culture, appearance, and feel.
  • Gives a complete picture of employee requests.

Employee Document Management:

It provides a secure, paperless, and comprehensive view of all employee documentation from hiring through retirement. Capture, store, and configure retention and security standards for all employee documents across many locations in a matter of seconds. Maintain compliance by auditing and automating the purging and deletion of documents within a specified time frame.

Integration and Accelerator:

With HRSD’s pre-built integrator, you can easily connect HR Service Delivery to the rest of your company and increase the productivity of your employees and agents. The accelerator assists managers in becoming more productive by delivering regular and customizable staff role-based strategies. Managers can utilize the accelerator to guide staff with activities and actions that will help them be more productive as firms adapt to new remote work environments.

Transitions and Onboarding in the Enterprise:

It is beneficial in Creating processes that span HR and other departments and take employees and managers through a consumer-grade experience on what they need to do. HR administrators and business analysts can gain full visibility on cross-departmental processes from the start, it also effectively correlates resources across teams, and assign the right activities, systems, and tasks that allow employees and managers to focus on their work and remain productive by using intuitive no-code builder tools.

AI-Enabled Platform:

Customers can use HRSD’s Intelligence platform to leverage analytics, AI search, machine learning, and virtual agents with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to surface recommendations that assist employees to address their concerns faster while reducing the strain on HR representatives.

HRSD application aids in the improvement of service delivery as well as the seamless and error-free operation of procedures. It aids the enterprise in the implementation, development, and monitoring of business strategies in order to achieve overall corporate goals.

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