ITOM helps in your business
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How Does ITOM Helps in Your Business?

What is ITOM?

The ServiceNow ITOM platform improves cloud usage while lowering an organization’s costs. ITOM gathers and translates telemetry data from all of your IT assets in a single recording system. IT infrastructure, cloud, and complicated container-based resources, logs, metrics, and events include all data.

ITOM helps to increase IT productivity, improve automated services, reduce failures, and lower development costs. It also aids in the management of infrastructure and service availability. ITOM improves service quality, strengthens change management processes, decreases risks, reduces infrastructure costs, and minimizes software compliance issues.

How does ITOM helps in your business?

With high-level automation solutions and service modeling capabilities, ServiceNow ITOM simplifies ITOM operations, assuring ultimate accountability of the IT infrastructure. It guides the ITOM strategy of the IT department, and it enables the IT team to automate risky IT operations to focus more on delivering business goals by dynamically managing IT infrastructure.

ServiceNow ITOM consolidates corporate systems and services under a single roof, hence streamlining overall IT processes. Furthermore, the ITOM dashboard delivers more in-depth information about the health of the IT infrastructure.

ServiceNow ITOM employs machine learning algorithms to give deep insights into service delivery efficiencies and the detection of infrastructure issues. ServiceNow ITOM enables IT teams to be more responsive to changing business requirements. Furthermore, ITOM interacts readily with new technologies or services.

ITOM also aids in the management of infrastructure and service availability

ITOM improves service quality, strengthens change management processes, decreases risks, reduces infrastructure costs, and minimizes software compliance issues.

How ITOM works?

ITOM collects and evaluates telemetry data throughout your IT firm from a single point of contact. IT infrastructure, cloud and complicated container-based resources, vulnerabilities, logs, metrics, and events are all examples of data. AIOps and machine learning aid in the reduction of noise, the elimination of false positives, and the detection of abnormalities with less guesswork. These qualities enable you to anticipate problems before they occur.

  • Predict up to 35% of incidents before they occur and reduce vulnerability risk.
  • Remove siloed point tools and comprehend the impact of change.
  • Decrease noise by 80% or more for faster problem identification.

Process and Features of ServiceNow ITOM:

ITOM blog Features

ITOM Visibility:
Discovery, service mapping, inventory and management certificate, service graph connections, multi-source CMDB, and firewall audits and reporting are all included in the ServiceNow ITOM Visibility solution. The discovery and service mapping processes give you a consolidated view of your IT network and the services it supports.

Horizontal discovery and top-down discovery are the two types of discovery. Horizontal discovery is a method for scanning a network, locating devices or systems, and populating the CMDB with CI. It also aids in the creation of direct relationships between the CIs that it operates on. Top-down discovery is a technique for locating and mapping CIs that are part of business services.

ServiceNow Discovery keeps the whole system record of the entire IT infrastructure, which is typically distributed over multiple servers and clouds.

ITOM Health:
The Event Management and Operational Intelligence apps of the ITOM Health package work together to track and maintain the health of the organization’s services.

Intelligent Operation:
The use of Operational Intelligence proactively assesses IT systems and prevents service interruptions. Using advanced machete learning to evaluate information on the IT infrastructure, the application automatically establishes dynamic thresholds and discovers anomalies that indicate future service breakdowns.

Service Mapping:
It allows IT departments of corporations, organizations, and cloud providers to provide a platform as a service in order to establish a service-aware view of infrastructure. To create application services, Service Mapping might employ a number of techniques. Patterns are the fundamental means of discovering and mapping devices and applications in Service Mapping.

Event Management:
It collects data from all monitoring systems and allows IT personnel to view it all in a single simplified dashboard. The single dashboard provides a unified view of the entire health of IT infrastructure services. The event management dashboard gives alerts when problems are detected and also recommends fixes.

Cloud Management:
The Cloud Management solution enables IT operations to improve enterprise cloud strategy by assuring service continuity and enabling hybrid cloud services.

IT Service Management:
ITOM Visibility’s IT infrastructure for controlling and delivering services to users inspires confidence. Changes and incidents are generated and handled by IT Service Manager apps represented on the ITOM Visibility Service Maps. The utilization of ITOM Visibility-collected data assists in the administration of IT services by offering insight into the enterprise’s applications.

Advantages of utilizing ITOM service:

  • Fewer major outages.
  • Reduced development costs.
  • Support is resolved more quickly.
  • Completely automate services.
  • Improved IT productivity.