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    Manage Your Business Inbox In AI Way

    Who wouldn’t love automation which is done through COVID-19 free Digital Worker (software bot)? Adding icing to the mountain of cake – it is done with Artificial Intelligence infusion. QBrainX specialize in the discovery, research & implementation of Digital Transformation that adds value to the Business Transformation rather than just introducing the buzzword.

    Did you know that text analytics, an NLP technique, is employed by the Royal Bank of Scotland for the extraction of important details from customer feedback.

    Although the standard usage of chatbots doesn’t require more than just simple and basic replies, it’s remarkable to work out how Natural Language Processing has effectively improved their abilities. It’s the implementation of NLP that conjures your chatbots to sound more human.

    Being a company deeply associated with AI, we wanted to leverage AI(Natural Language Processing specifically) to take our self-service sales robots to the next level.


    So what happens with the implementation of NLP?
    It provides context to text-based user inputs helping AI in giving the response.

    The Reason Behind Its Implementation?
    We wanted to avoid Duplication of orders and also wanted to ensure the segregation of mails with “Priority date”

    How is the duplication of orders avoided?
    By analyzing the Mail Body, instead of just monitoring the Subject.

    Integration of NLP Engine with UiPath
    1. The workflow template is easy.
    2. You enter a phrase, it’s passed to the NLP engine through an HTTP request. A JSON file is returned with the Entity and also the Accuracy as determined by the NLP.
    3. Once you receive the entity, you’re set to proceed along with your code.
    How And Why We Built NLP?

    A well-trained NLP instance is created using an NLP engine like open-source solution that has a REST API to access it). All you need is to train it with important questions and topics. Integrating NLP with our self-service solution gives it the flexibility to think, choose and answer using natural language.

    Challenges Faced

    Training the NLP was the most challenging part. Proper NLP training defines success, the more you train it, the better is the user experience. The amalgamation of NLP and AI-driven solutions, when implemented using RPA, can function as an avid and dedicated soldier to your digitally-driven organization.

    Did we kindle your curiosity yet? If we did, look out for our next post, we will post the video where the Digital Worker is in action. Please watch this space.

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