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Cloud Services

It's time to drive new value propositions for your business with Cloud Migration Services.

Migrating to the cloud is one of the best strategic business decisions that one can make in today's technologically advanced corporate backdrop to fuel agility, responsiveness, and innovation.

The cloud migrating services is changing the way enterprises handle their IT infrastructure. Businesses are now migrating all or specific segments of workloads to the cloud for achieving cost cuttings in the short and long runs.

The benefits of Cloud Migrating are that enterprises moving away from traditional IT infrastructure and into the cloud allow for greatly enhanced flexibility in data management and access. It also saves money over physical network maintenance and provides a direct path for future evolution or up-scaling systems.

Getting to the cloud starts with the right partner. Rely on QBrainX to manage and maximize your cloud platform's value, so that you can focus more on continuing to grow your business. QBrainX's cloud migration services handle the entire lifecycle with ease—we offer a comprehensive solution, so your business can start reaping the rewards of cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Migration Process

At every stage of the migration process, we work with you to ensure you get results that your business needs.


We follow a proven method to ensure minimal downtime and service interruption during your cloud migration to AWS.


Whatever the reason might be to migrate to the cloud, our wide range of expertise means you can access support before, during, and after your cloud migration.


Our team of experts develops a business case for a cloud migration based on your existing infrastructure, current applications, and objectives.

Discovery & Planning

We look at your business's current applications' dependencies and determine the best migration strategies to meet your business case objectives.


We have the best team to architect, migrate, and validate each application in your infrastructure to accelerate your cloud migration and achieve scale.


We deploy an automated testing strategy to ensure everything went as planned during your cloud migration.

Infrastructure Migration

Build the right cloud environment that fulfills all your technological needs and reaches higher business performance levels with an agile infrastructure developed by industry experts.

Data Migration

Reach end-to-end Data Migration capabilities through a standardized and re-deployable data management framework.

Platform Migration

Migrate your current apps and tools from one platform to another by maintaining the virtue of your current processes and the constituted data.

Application Migration

Migrate your current applications onto the cloud with an industry-proven framework for accurate and accelerated cloud movement.

Our team is 24/7 ready to support your business and are happy to plan, complete, modify, or improve our cloud migrating services that exclusively meet your business demands. We ensure all our engineers and support team members deliver your valuable cloud migration deployments on time. Contact QbrainX whenever you plan on implementing cloud migration services.


These are the following benefits of cloud migration services:

  1. Create an all-inclusive migrating plan for optimizing every task throughout.
  2. Lower risks via totally internet-based automation.
  3. Build and normalize every migrating system and complete every job on time.
  4. Promising hassle-free via end-to-end testing throughout diverse categories such as loading, performing, integrating and user accepting testing
  5. Take advantage of QBrainX throughout – managing infrastructure and migrating workload

Why QBrainX?

  1. Agile cloud migration and delivery methodologies
  2. We offer a collaborative, transparent and error-free approach as per client requirements
  3. In-house experts to help you reap maximum leverage, customers, business and profits
  4. Project plans designed to speed up your ROI
  5. Proven track record of successful project delivery
  6. 24*7 support with best cloud engineers


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