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QBrainX Business Continuity Plan

Collaborating to overcome the COVID-19 challenge

We are living through uncertain times that is causing a lot of anxiety. Nonetheless, we are fundamentally optimistic that we will all get through this challenging phase soon. We are hopeful that a positive situation will play out around the world at the earliest.


QBrainX has several offices across different countries from where we execute projects for our customers. Our workforce structure is well-prepared to keep business running as usual and we are taking several steps to deal with this fast-moving situation.


We are taking several steps at QBrainX to deal with this fast-moving situation. Our teams are continually communicating with all of you about our various activities and plans. Even as most of our teams are working from home, we want to assure you that we will continue to give you our best efforts and attention, like we always do. We will continue to maintain the same standards of professionalism, timeliness and quality that we are known for, irrespective of where we operate from.

Restrictions on travel

  1. Business travel was gradually limited based on the government and the local country travel advisory.

  2. The measures and travel limitations set by the authorities in each of our geos were tracked and employees promptly notified to ensure compliance with the specified norms.

Work from home guidelines

  1. Work from home was taken up in a phased manner. All our employees have already started working from home effective 24 March 2020.

  2. To ensure data integrity and information security, we have been educating our employees on the best practices of working from home and acting responsibly to uphold organizational reputation.


Precautionary measures within our premises

  1. Screening of employees and guests at the facility entrance was initiated to check their temperature. This helped us understand if someone was feeling even slightly unwell and guide them to seek immediate medical advice.

  2. People with a fever or cough, or those who had visited a country where the viral spread is rampant were advised self-quarantine and were asked not to come to office.

  3. Work bay-level awareness sessions were conducted at regular intervals, in addition to dissemination of health and travel advisories gathered from reliable sources such as WHO, via multiple internal communication channels.

  4. Increased frequency of cleaning common areas within our work premises and fumigation of entire facilities to eradicate the possibility of infection.

Self-quarantine for QBrainX employees returning from travel

  1. We have been advising employees to practice self-quarantine upon return from long/overseas travel or if exhibiting symptoms.

  2. A detailed process document on practising self-quarantine for self and household members has been shared with the employees.


While focusing on helping each other, we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure continued support to our customers through our business continuity measures.


Take care. Stay safe & healthy!!