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Digital Transformation

At QBrainX, we have mastered the art of delivering intelligent solutions that help you fast track your problem-solving capabilities.

With the digital business transformation kicking in, industry structures, and strategic positioning has drastically changed along with the levels of an organization. Business leaders are in a constant search to upgrade their organizations to unlock productivity and also gain a significant competitive edge without having to compromise on the overall customer experience.

When it comes to selling a product, User Experience is one of the most important aspects, one that determines its success or failure. We excel at providing great product experience to the end-user that can act as a booster for its overall sales. Apart from developing various applications and websites with amazing user experience, our versatile team of designers indulges in creating highly interactive platforms, unique for every single client.

Here is a glimpse of our area of expertise in User Experience Design:


  1. Easily scalable solutions
  2. Well-structured design process
  3. Creating Personas, Information Architecture, Wireframe, and Prototyping
  4. Impactful solutions to enhance the market value of products
  5. Developing various applications and websites over different categories accessed by individuals around the globe
  6. Customer-focused designs

Website Design

With around 94% of the first impressions being related to a website’s design, and around 88% visitors not likely to return to a site after a bad impression, creating a great first impact on the visitors becomes a must.


Your website is the first interaction between you and your potential customer and you would want to do anything to compel visitors to keep coming to your site. At QBrainX, we turn dream designs into reality by grabbing user attention instantly. Our UI/UX Designing Team is known to create and deliver intelligent and effective design solutions to organizations worldwide. With our design strategy, we develop websites that are transparent and clear to understand for your customers.



We are known to create an everlasting impression with our amazing user experience and a user interface that’s bound to fulfill your business needs. Here is a peek at our specialization in Website Design:

  1. Intelligent and effective design solutions
  2. Interactive UX with Mobile-first approach
  3. Visually appealing and creative designs
  4. Compatible to work with various domains
  5. Customer-centric designs
  6. Enlighten and inspire businesses to search for their next innovation


Around 67% of mobile users are more likely to buy a product or service on a website that is mobile-friendly and about 74% of site visitors will probably revisit a responsive (optimized) site. The design team at Qbrainx is full of highly-skilled and creative designers who are adept at crafting stunning app designs. We are masters at curating a user interface no visitor can ignore. Our designing strategies ensure reliable and cost-effective solutions that deliver the best end-results.


Our well-trained and experienced designers not only devote their time and energy to create out-of-the-box app designs that are bound to satisfy clients’ to handle all clients’ but are also prompt at handling queries related to mobile app designing like pros.

Take a look at our mobile app design specialties:

  1. Best solutions for all your mobile app design needs.
  2. Client-centric designs
  3. Creating concepts and sketches
  4. Best user experience solutions for the end-user
  5. Out-of-the-box design solutions
  6. Daily reporting and updates to client
  7. Highly-proficient manpower

For a consolidated, friendly design, you need a team that understands your audience and can create interactive and cross-platform compatible designs. Our boundless expertise with business products helps us ingenious and easy-to-use interfaces for products and applications. At Qbrainx, we leverage our expertise of AngularJS and ReactJS in order to explore modular design and dynamic UI/UX and design and build scalable, sturdy and responsive web and mobile applications.



At QBrainX, our team of experts is pros at bot framework development, from language & syntax parsing to Natural Language Processing to Machine Learning to cloud-based integrations, they are known to present intelligent bots and help your business take a step towards success.


Benefits of Using ReactJS

To add to the aforementioned benefits, here are some other amazing benefits of using ReactJS:

  1. Highly efficient with exceptional flexibility
  2. Extremely versatile as it supports platforms like Android, web, and iOS
  3. Dynamic and flawless user experience
  4. Easy debugging
  5. Receptive UI/UX
  6. Reusable elements


Benefits of Choosing ReactJS App Development Service From Qbrainx

ReactJS development services at Qbrainx include:

  1. Custom-made web app development
  2. Customized plugins in line with your business requirements
  3. User-friendly and responsive UX designs
  4. High-performance innovative web/mobile apps in no time
  5. Easy migration
  6. API integration

Angular JS

With a two-way data binding feature, AngularJS is one of the most preferred JavaScript frameworks, mostly used in the development of SPAs (single-page apps). At QBrainX, we ensure that our clients get flexible and custom-based solutions. Our team of developers is well-versed in the various development layers of AngularJS and has an in-depth knowledge of how to develop and maintain feature-rich, fast, and responsive websites


Benefits of Using AngularJS

Being one of the most developer-preferred JavaScript frameworks, here are some amazing benefits of using AngularJS:

  1. Reusable codes that can be used in the development of apps for other platforms as well
  2. High speed and performance
  3. Faster load time along with auto code-splitting
  4. Easy generation of highly-optimized code from templates


Benefits of Choosing AngularJS App Development Service From Qbrainx

AngularJS development services at Qbrainx include:

  1. Tailor-made websites that will perfectly fit your front-end development needs
  2. Crafting receptive, innovative, and dynamic UI templates for the website app
  3. Easy migration of your current applications
  4. Quicker application development, testing, and maintenance
  5. Parallel application development possible

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