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Our exceptional leadership team is inclusive of experienced executives with extensive
knowledge and the ability to motivate and collaborate with employees and clients from all over the world.

Executive Leadership




Entrepreneur & founder of a high-growth company providing Digital Transformation Services.

Lakshman is the Chief Executive Officer of QBrainX. He is a former architect turned entrepreneur with passion of data, analytics, algorithms, and storytelling with data.​

As a result of his commitment to actionable insights and excellence, he founded QBrainX. Learn how QBrainX can positively impact IT systems & business processes! He strive to deliver the finest possible solutions in all aspects of his work.

Rajkumar Selvam


Entrepreneur & Co-founder of a high-growth company providing Digital Transformation Services.​

Rajkumar Selvam is the Chief Technology officer of QBrainX. In his current role, he is responsible for global delivery, sales, and marketing.​

A former digital transformation Specialist and engagement manager turned entrepreneur. He worked with Fortune 100 customers and scaled multi million dollars of business from scratch.​

Being the co-founder of QBrainX, he is the visionary behind organizational and customer success, and firmly believes in the idea of constant evolution. Under his guidance, today QBrainX is one of the well known organization in ServiceNow and Digital Transformation space. Rajkumar is a good mentor, motivator, strategist and a philosopher. With his vision and leadership, QBrainX today has created a good impression in the IT Services industry and has a lot of fans globally.

Technology Leadership

Prince Michael

Director - Head of Digital Transformation

Prince Michael specializes in system architecture and system development involving SOA cloud microservice architecture, reactive architecture, process automation, machine intelligence, and database technology. His expertise in the field of health and wellness is remarkable too.

For more than 12 years, Prince worked for Walmart Inc., where he assisted in the development of numerous solutions such as an Azure-powered cloud system, cloud-powered APIs, and centralized solutions for Golden patient records and Central leaflets.

Kamalanathan Raja

Associate Director - ERP

Kamalanathan Raja is a stellar executive with more than 18 years of experience in wide-spanning domains and industries.

Supply Chain Management, Spend Management, Supplier Performance Analysis, Cost Saving, Master Data Management, and Contract Management are a few of his expertise to mention.

Senthil Kumar M

Associate Director - ServiceNow

Mr Senthil is an expert in information technology with experience spanning over 17+ years. He has played a commendable leadership role in his professional journey. From delivering transformation programs to Fortune 500 clients to bringing 300% revenue growth in the ServiceNow business, he has a proven track record as a leader in the digital transformation space.

His expertise will add more strength to our organization in serving our digital transformation goals.


Director - Data Engineering and Analytics

Qbrainx is undoubtedly going to unlock the power of data with a seasoned leader, Manikandan, who has 20 years of extensive experience in developing and delivering cutting-edge data-driven solutions and analytics. Recognized for his exceptional consulting and leadership delivery, this leader is a project management expert who efficiently organizes and manages staff, clients, and partners to achieve successful project outcomes. Skilled communicator who can collaborate with multiple teams and drive design, development, testing, and implementation of data engineering and analytics solutions while inspiring and guiding the team toward growth through his mentorship and thought leadership.

Business Leadership



Business Head

An experienced Outsourcing & Offshoring Professional who ensures IT solutions connect with client business operating requirements to achieve strategic and commercial objectives.

Also responsible for managing and communicating with suppliers, software vendors, primary clients to ensure that outsourced processes meet their standards of quality and efficiency.​

Periodically oversee general operations, deliveries from vendors and quality assurance thus ensuring that all processes run smoothly and meet standards.


Vice President

Business leader with extensive experience in Strategic Planning, overseeing Internal Operations , help in building strong Customer Relationships. She is a seasoned HR Leader expertises in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, HR and Business Operations.

Padma is an expert in Building and Running Offshore Centres. A strong Client- Success leader, works tirelessly to maximise the Financial Goals of the Organisation. Her experience over two and a half decades spread across in the areas of designing and implementing policies, steering business processes, overseeing offshore business operations and promoting Company Culture.

Prasad J

Sales Director

Prasad J is an optimistic and enthusiastic sales professional with International Sales / BD experience in the technology industry.

What his customers’ needs are and what technology is available today allows him to exceed customer expectations and provide excellent service. He is passionate about developing and maintaining strong relationships centred on trust with each of his customers. Along with that, he is strong in all marketing deliverables, preparing pitches, strategic planning, maintaining partners, industry and client plans, and supporting cross-selling initiatives.