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Pleased to announce that QBrainX is now a Salesforce Partner!

Mid of 2022 will be carved in the memories of QBrainX as we are now officially a Salesforce Partner! Thrilled to announce the addition of one more service to our ever-expanding core offerings. We appreciate all of the support we received along the journey from our QBrainX family, the SalesForce team, and our fantastic clients.

As companies are aware, Salesforce requires a high level of expertise to implement and use in a way that maximizes return on investment. Businesses frequently look to partners to aid them in achieving their sales objectives and guarantee a successful implementation of Salesforce. That’s where we enter. As a Salesforce consulting partner, we help clients with the tools they need to innovate and create superior Salesforce solutions that address actual business demands.

To summarize, we help with software migration, implementation, systems integration, as well as custom application development. With the backing of technical know-how, our SalesForce implementation services enable businesses to design and/or implement solutions that improve the overall business performance by optimizing the entire sales cycle right from the first lead interaction to deal closures.

“QBrainX’s SalesForce Integration and Application has been implemented in the first half of this year and we may say that it’s the lifeline of any organization since it is a crucial tool to close the deals,” says Rajkumar, CTO. “Having clarity, understanding, and then implementing this tool has given our SalesForce team the required skill set to grow and support the businesses. We are super pumped up to take this partnership forward and aim to be the best SalesForce Development company in the USA.”

Salesforce consulting services include consultants working with their client’s needs in mind as they implement and optimize Salesforce solutions in an efficient and scalable manner. When a consultant is involved, Salesforce transforms into a block of play-dough, adapting to exactly how the firm functions.

Our team has helped businesses use Salesforce constantly to monitor the status of their deals and make sure that customers are progressing through the lifecycle. Additionally, they will be able to track the success of offline touchpoints thanks to the new Salesforce integration. Salesforce now offers a way to monitor in-person buyer engagement and track outbound operations, despite being a great tool for controlling transaction progress and communications with buyers.