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QBrainX to participate in the 7th Pharmac South Expo in Chennai as an Exhibitor

For advancing trends and health care, it is crucial to stay current in the pharmaceutical sector. We are working with many pharma industries to gain insights into health care and the advancing technology behind it. Pharmac South Expo is the most important event for us to cover a wide range of specialties and themes impacting the pharmaceutical industry.

QBrainX is honored to participate in the 7th Pharmac South Expo in Chennai in 2022 as an exhibitor. The Pharmac South Expo offers the chance to display recent pharmaceutical products, processing machinery, and cutting-edge innovations to buyers/investors from nations like India, China, Germany, and many others as the process industries are starting up again all over the world. With the primary focus being on the pharmaceutical business, there would be a wide range of options for everyone, including networking with possible investors and interacting with clients, as well as centralizing all expectations and needs for B2B transactions.

To become acquainted with the pharmaceutical technology of the future, developed through years of R&D and skilled technical professionals. Our technology will meet the specific needs of our clients making the solution special. By switching to our digital transformation procedure, the pharma industry can have a variety of advantages, such as streamlined and quicker operations, simpler client communications, and more cohesive projects amongst different personnel.

We drive global digital transformations and provide high-performance systems, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and microservices to help your business thrive.

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