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QBrainX’s R & R Q3-Awards 2022


It was a great day with employee engagement, more than formal rewards and recognition award ceremony. The success of team members fills QBrainX with joy, and the entire team deserves praise for putting on such a fantastic event.

It was an ideal opportunity for the QBrainX leadership team to get along with our employees.

The award ceremony began with a speech by our Vice President, Padma, which was truly inspirational, followed by our beloved CTO speech, which is unquestionably one of the most enlightening speeches to motivate our employees.

Our CTO recognized/rewarded individuals and sorted every achievement of individual contributors who made a difference in our organization, also spoke about QBrainX growth as 2022 is going to be a very crucial year for QBrainX as our firm is at 4X growth.

In addition, CTO explained the QBrainX roadmap, which helped us to have great insights on the various skillsets, geographies, and critical milestones for 2022.

It is a privilege for us to work under our beloved CTO.

Best wishes and congratulations to all the award winners for making QBrainX journey more interesting.