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Town Hall Meeting – Quarterly Business Communication – FY22 Q2

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QBrainX’s insight for 2022:

The final town hall of 2021 began with a bang! Our office was ecstatic to welcome our much-loved CEO.

Our CEO emphasized the important success elements and our strategic priorities for taking the organization to the next level in 2022. He addressed the whole QBrainX team to reflect on a very successful year in 2021, to align on priorities for 2022 and beyond, and to provide everyone with a view into the future.

Our Leadership Team celebrated the end of the year with employees in the town hall. The virtual town hall allowed us to reflect on the year by celebrating our accomplishments and milestones, while also connecting our ambitions for the coming year with our long-term growth and development goals.

In 2021, QBrainX experienced a significant increase in business development, including doubled revenue, 4x workforce began, new geographies added, a well-defined org structure constructed with specialized towers, remote work ended, and more clients were added, and successful B2C engagements.

We added a substantial number of new customers, including B2C, and expanded its geographic reach to Singapore, the United States, India, KSA, Lithuania, and Australia.

QBrainX is now expanding its expertise in areas such as Java Projects, Angular, and others, in addition to ServiceNow. In this quarter, QBrainX has seen a surge in digital transformation initiatives.

More leadership traits were introduced to QBrainX, as well as more streamlining experts, such as GRC, ITOM, Architect, and other skill-specific professionals.QBrainX had hired software interns and helped them to get placed by adding right skills, which had transformed their career.

Insight for 2022:

  • To hire more than 100 ServiceNow Engineers across all of the centers
  • To increase the size of each ServiceNow Tower’s team, including focused tower based on ITOM, HRSD, and SecOps.
  • To move ServiceNow Partnership to Elite status.

Expand the Digital Transformation Center of Excellence’s scope and develop new ideas

  • To create a Talent Base and Accelerators
  • Boost marketing and sales efforts
  • To establish an offshore Innovation Lab for open-source and ServiceNow technologies.

Corporate Credentials or Certifications

  • ISO Certification
  • Industry recognitions through agencies
  • Great Place to Work

Benefits to Employees

  • Benefits such as Top-of-the-line health insurance coverage
  • Immigration to the United States and work at QBrainX US Corporation
  • New engagement and workplace models
  • More business travels globally
  • Regional Development Centers will be added – AP, TN, and Karnataka metros
  • By the first quarter of 2022, QBrainX expect to add more than 400 employees.

Despite all of the external hurdles, QBrainX is pleased with their team for what they have accomplished this year, and we look forward to continuing our success story in the years to come.

Thank you all our employees for attending the meeting this morning.

“Coming together is a beginning and keeping together is a progress!”

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