Town Hall Meeting
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Town Hall Meeting – Quarterly Business Communication – FY22 Q1

Town Hall Meeting

This quarter, we addressed a wide range of topics and met a number of objectives. We addressed QBrainX’s exponential customer growth, intriguing potential throughout the regions, clients, and new exciting additions to our QBrainX family during today’s conference. Following our deliberations, the achievement awards are distributed.

QBrainX’s significant achievements include a partnership establishment with ServiceNow, a greater emphasis on B2C expansion, geographical expansion, and technological advancements.

QBrainX’s goal for this quarter is to increase the job opportunities and hire more potential talents, which will include a enhancement in the performance evaluation model, enhancement in the business operations and increased employee benefits, employer branding campaigns, and employee engagement initiatives.

Thank you all our employees for attending the meeting this morning.

“Coming together is a beginning and keeping together is a progress!”

Our moments of the day: