Snowflake & Databricks Partner now
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We are a Snowflake and Databricks partner now

Snowflake & Databricks Partner now

We at QBrainX proudly announce our official partnership with Snowflake and Databricks. This would not have been possible without our support team’s support and hard work and, of course, our amazing customers.

For businesses conducting big data analytics and machine learning, Databricks and Snowflake had joined forces to expedite innovation and simplify integration. Organizations shackled by the expenses, restrictions, and upkeep of on-premise data analytics solutions are set free by this partnership.

Databricks and Snowflake’s combined solution enables businesses to easily connect enormous amounts of historical data with real-time streaming to provide insightful machine learning results.

“Customers will be able to rapidly and easily copy data from various sources into the Snowflake Data Cloud thanks to this collaboration, and numerous users will have access to a real-time, high-performance, and low-impact manner of doing so”, says Rajkumar Selvam, CTO, QBrainX. Your Databricks account can read data from and publish data to Snowflake using the native Snowflake Connector included in Databricks without importing any libraries.

Imagine touching the entire system to check a minor issue. Isn’t that scary? Snowflakes’ Microservice Architecture helps in working on monitoring small containerized systems. Eventually, it automates the deployment of containerized microservices and makes it easier to manage all your different microservices.

Businesses can only undergo a digital transformation if analysts have real-time access to the most recent data from a single source. So now clients can integrate their data stacks with QBrainX and be assured that the data is safe and secured. This integration enables well-planned budgeted IT upgrades, increases efficiency and productivity, and provides a world-class user experience.

Databricks Snowflake Integration offers customers numerous advantages, including a quicker and simpler setup and automatic updates on new products and upgrades. This can increase efficiency and reduce costs without requiring labor-intensive work or regular upkeep.

To obtain the best performance at the lowest cost, our professionals will help configure and set the Snowflake Databricks connector by ensuring that both Databricks and Snowflake to the same region. Using the Databricks private API, they will configure and connect Databricks and Snowflake. If you want to use Databricks’ machine learning and data science capabilities with your data and frequently added to and modified, then connecting Snowflake and Databricks would be the best option. For the best of both worlds, Snowflake and Databricks’ collaboration with Databricks Snowflake Connector combines a Cloud Data Warehouse with predictive Analytics capabilities.