Manikandan - Director of Data Engineering
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Welcoming Manikandan – Director of Data Engineering & Analytics


Director of Data Engineering & Analytics

Our team is thrilled to welcome our newest leader, Manikandan who has 2 decades of extensive experience in data-driven solutions and analytics with a proven track record of consulting and delivery leadership in data transformation, modeling, analytics, and visualization engagements.

With an exceptional talent for project management, Manikandan has a unique ability to plan, organize, coordinate, and manage staff, clients, and partners toward successfully completing a project. His demonstrated ability to manage customer-centric data-driven solutions across a complex portfolio of stakeholders is a testament to his talent.

Manikandan has fostered the development of high-performance teams, including onshore and offshore, resulting in their being a responsible leader to a team of Data Architects, Data Engineers, Data Visualization Engineers, and Data Analysts because of their unparalleled communication skills. His exceptional communication skills enable him to facilitate interviews, ignite innovative brainstorming sessions, and orchestrate collaborative workshops with business teams and executives, empowering him to tackle complex data-related topics and projects.

Collaboration is key, and Manikandan has worked with multiple teams to design, develop, test, implement, and assist with data engineering and analytics solutions. As a mentor, he has provided guidance and thought leadership focused on developing and evolving data engineering and analytics capabilities.

Manikandan’s abilities are unmatched in understanding business needs, connecting relevant data/analytics opportunities across the firm, and delivering data products/processes to support those needs. We are in good hands for sure!