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Workforce At QBrainX

“We are more powerful when we empower each other.”


The worldwide epidemic has hastened the arrival of the Future of Work, putting enterprises’ agility to the test. QBrainX has evolved from the beginning, just in 3 years of operation QBrainX transformed with a new operating model that underpins organization strategy and purpose, and empowers employees, and reinvented the IT business.

Now QBrainX business is in a relatively strong position. We have good levels of growth, price stability, job creation, and more. We’ve recruited the best employees from cognizant, DXC, IBM, and more for our leadership team. We embrace diversity and inclusion as they strengthen us, as individuals and as an organization. QBrainX has increased productivity by hiring interns and young talents, building our resilience, deepening our worldwide connections, and ensuring that our employees have the skills and opportunities to redefine their passions and dreams.

Our labor force participation rate for women is currently at 70% in a country with more than 70 crores of females. Women are earning qualifications at a faster pace than men, but their talents aren’t translating into more professional options or advancement at work. We planned ahead of time and hired more females than males.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

Our Service: ServiceNow Implementation and Consultation, Data Solutions, Scala Application Development, and Digital Transformation services are among QBrainX’s core service capabilities. QBrainX has a talented team that includes an enterprise solution architect, data architect, implementation specialists, recruitment specialists, and more.