Our Culture

Emerge • Build • Affiliate

Emerge With Us

  • Our Mission

    We are committed to empowering and strengthening businesses across multiple domains to make them the best in their respective fields.

  • QBrainX Recruitments

    QBrainX has recruited employees with various qualifications and skills. Academic excellence and high-performing individuals are important to us.

  • Innovation at QBrainX

    QBrainX management promotes creativity and innovation in the workplace at all times. Innovation leads to growth and new features/ideas required to be developed by the company.

Building a Positive Attitude Towards Employees

QBrainX adopted a clean work environment to enhance the mood and productivity of its employees, because eventually in a well-kept, environment the employees will feel more comfortable.

  • Look for goodness in employees.

  • Build a Positive Self Esteem.

  • Work on Continuous Self Development.

High-Energy Workplace

Why should you choose QBrainX?

Employees are Affluence to Us

At QBrainX, employees are appreciated and encouraged for their achievements and hard work, and they get benefited from the awards and cash prizes.

Best Practice

Work and recreation do not have to be mutually exclusive. The puck can be coded and passed simultaneously.

Employee Privilege

We care about our employees and want them to know it. Respecting employees from day one, providing feedback at every step of the way, allowing for paternity/maternity vacations, having a generous vacation policy, and so on.

Innovation At Work

We believe in innovation and technology. Even the most advanced technology can be improved. We provide our clients with limitless chances to increase their utilization and speedier products.

Freedom At Work

The employee can work accordingly at any convenient time based on their decision. QBrainX appreciates the employees with Professional attire and Business casuals.

We Care for Employees

We encourage work from home culture for our employees.We care about our employees in this pandemic situation as no employees got cut in pay in this pandemic situation at QBrainX.


A healthy work-life balance leads to innovation. QBrainX strives for quality of life at work by allowing employees to flex work hours to accommodate family life while still fulfilling corporate goals.

  • Health care for all employees and their families.

  • Vacation days and holidays, and flexible work hours.

  • Maternity and parental leave.

  • Employee Discounts.

  • Friendly work environment.

  • Flexible working hours.

Current Openings

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