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The Future of AI in ServiceNow
Balancing Security and Innovation: The Future of AI in ServiceNow
Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration in technological innovations has proven transformative across industries. One platform at the forefront of this transformation is ServiceNow, an innovator that utilizes AI to transform business...
How Salesforce Solutions are Transforming the Retail Industry
How Salesforce Solutions are Transforming the Retail Industry in 2023?
Retail industry executives know that customer interactions and business decisions can determine their success or failure; adopting innovative solutions has become crucial for survival in modern marketplaces. Retail is in...
Microsoft Tech Stack
Maximizing Impact and Compelling Benefits of Microsoft Tech Stack in Bespoke Software Development
Creating software that perfectly fits your unique business needs is like crafting a tailor-made suit – it's all about getting the right fit. That's where the Microsoft Tech Stack steps...

Case Studies

Our research and real-time implementation solutions provided in short.

Service Cloud Case Management Application for Gym Fitness Customer

This case study focuses on a business in the fitness industry that faced challenges with fragmented customer data across multiple systems, resulting in a lack of visibility and collaboration among support teams and delayed case resolution.

Warehouse Management application for Logistics truckload brokerage

Implemented sales cloud application on warehouse management and streamlined the automated inventory management, barcode scanning, and RFID technology to enhance warehouse operations which helped businesses to achieve efficient warehouse operations with accurate order fulfillment.

New Expeditor Transfer Handling in Service Cloud

This case study showcases the successful implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud configuration for a retail transportation customer in the US. The business faced challenges with inaccuracies and sales leakage caused by employee transfers.


Live knowledge sharing sessions hosted by our implementation experts. You can watch our previous sessions on our youtube channel.

From Data to Dollars: How Cloud Data Engineering Can Drive Your Bottom Line.

An insightful webinar that aims to enhance your understanding of data engineering and its crucial role in driving business success.

ServiceNow-HR Service Delivery

This webinar will aid you in understanding the ServiceNow – HR Service Delivery.


Different Ways to Receive and Process Events – ServiceNow Event Management

Learn how to use ServiceNow’s event management to receive and process events in a variety of ways. Our webinar will aid you in understanding the Event Management process in ServiceNow ITOM.