Scala Made Simple

We are QBrainX and we speak your (programming) language.

As a Scala Development Company, we’ll handle the behind-the-scenes IT operations that no one has time for so that you can focus on the centerstage aspects of running your business.

The better your software operates, the better your business operates. However, the programming side of running a business is time-consuming, complex and can easily get messy if not managed properly. That's where we come in.


Scala Web Development

QBrainX's Scala Web Development services make your life easier by streamlining your business operations so that you can focus on what you do best. Our Scala Software experts are on hand to guide you through the IT Lifecycle from conception to inception, providing full-stack end-to-end solutions so that you can focus your energy on making your business soar.

Data & Analytics

As your business grows, the integrity of its data is invaluable for effectively analyzing results and making fundamental strategic decisions. QBrainX is skilled in Big Data engineering, creating software solutions that enable real-time, intelligent enterprise on the cloud. We manage high volumes of data sets in a high-speed capacity so that your data resources are accurate, reliable and readily accessible.

Architectural Frameworks

There are infinite options of architectural frameworks available for your business. We'll help you identify, construct, and implement the framework that best suits your needs and fulfills company goals. Our microservice engineers are experts in coordinating applications and building reactive architecture leading to high performance software and an optimized user experience.

Scala Services


Expert Help

QBrainX’s Scala Consulting experts manage the implementation of all Scala solutions and troubleshoot your IT issues with ease.

Scalable Applications

Our Scala Web Development team will help you build a mobile app on Android that will make scaling your business feel like a cakewalk.

Cloud-First Products

Through our SaaS Services and PaaS Services, we use the futuristic cloud computing model to deliver results with optimal speed and quality.


We’ll save you precious time and money on IT costs by streamlining your business operations via our Scala solutions.

SaaS Services

Reinvent your business, gain cognitive analytics, innovate your business processes, and provide better customer experiences with the QBrainX SaaS solution.

Mobile App Development Services

Get high-performance and scalable mobile app development services for your business and robust solutions for your business. With a native and hybrid solution, you can create your own iOS and Android app for your business.

Set Up a Consultation

Our End-to-End business solutions are capable of minimizing any challenge you’re facing in the IT industry. Let’s chat about how our Scala Solutions can improve your business’s efficiency by saving you time and money.

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