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Get ready to transform your business operations to the Now Platform with our expertise.

ServiceNow - a cloud-based platform, prioritizes the automation and optimization of business processes leading the path towards their digital transformation. With the best in market ServiceNow consulting and implementation services, QBrainX helps businesses deploy solutions quickly with unparalleled efficiency without compromising on the user experience.

Implement ServiceNow ITSM with ServiceNow

With fully automated and intelligent IT Service Management, clients enjoy a monopoly over IT through ITIL, transformation, and automation of IT services along with the alignment of IT and business to make well-informed and productive decisions. Our core expertise within ITSM services encompass the following:


IT Service Management - the genesis of the ServiceNow platform, strengthens the automation service management processes, enhances its efficiency, and delivers a self-service experience within cost limits, thus, boosting the overall IT productivity. With the ServiceNow ITSM solution organizations not only get to realign their business needs but it also takes care of user satisfaction.


With the ServiceNow ITSM solution organizations not only get to realign their business needs but it also takes care of user satisfaction.

Incident Management

QBrainX streamlines the service restoration process resulting from any unplanned or uncalled disruption by automating tasks, improving transparency, and user satisfaction

Problem Management

With the implementation of Problem Management, QBrainX ensures the reduction of the manual workload of customers and boosts the uptime of the service.

Change Management

Reduction in the costs and risks of ongoing changes with the help of a rather intuitive change calendar, impact calculation, dynamic risk calculation, and change collision detection.

Asset Management

The implementation of the Asset Management module of ITSM results in the optimization of asset investments, improvement of asset tracking, and elimination of manual tasks.

Performance Analytics

With ITSM’s Performance Analytics module, organizations can visualize their data over time, analyze their business processes, and identify the areas of improvement. Using ITSM, ITOM, and Performance Analytics, ServiceNow clients earned $4.1M in infrastructure savings over the past 3 years.


ServiceNow ITSM provides users with the ability to keep a track of performance and helps them get real-time insights in order to understand evolving trends, saving time, streamlining workflows, and enhancing the communication process for service management. It also provides structure to the otherwise scattered data, helping organizations make the right choices


We're Partnered with Serole for ServiceNow engagements

ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management solution aims to enhance the visibility of IT resources and optimizing the overall cloud spend by taking control of multi-cloud environments. With the implementation of ITOM, you can gain visibility into underlying infrastructure, applications and enhance the health of services. It also helps you integrate automation into your business services, increasing the pace of the delivery of your service.


Become Our ServiceNow ITOM Partner

Visibility & Discovery

We help you gain a comprehensive view of your overall operations with our single system to record your entire IT infrastructure, including on-premises data centers and clouds.

Event Management

We help you to achieve uninterrupted service availability by reducing event floods using predictive machine learning process and numerous integrated tools.

Service Mapping

With our business service intelligence we help you map the relation between IT components and business services based on a connection between devices and applications.

ITOM Optimization

We help you optimize operations and strategy along with the identification of any sort of irregularities thus gaining insight into and improving end-to-end business services

A seamless functioning HR department is directly related to the productivity of employees which in turn impacts the profit earned by a company (Companies using ServiceNow HRSD saw a 37% increase in HR productivity).


With ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery, the HR processes are automated which not only helps employees access HR information easily but also creates a streamlined process for requests.


From the professional development of an employee to talent retention to ensuring employee engagement, HRSD provides better HR service delivery that increases employee productivity and satisfaction. This application, thus, focuses on

Core HR

Talent Management

Workforce Management


HR Services With QBrainX

Technology fanatics at QBrainX help you build a common space to manage all your HR services and automate basic HR interactions. This improves the overall HR workflow and minimizes cost and efforts.

Managing risk and compliance can often become challenging for organizations, but with the implementation of ServiceNow’s GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) module, you can now respond to business risks in real-time. The GRC is an integrated risk framework unifying IT, business, and security on a single platform.


QBrainX ServiceNow GRC services

QBrainX ServiceNow GRC services continuously examine risk occurrences and help businesses prioritize and manage risk efficiently.


Our experts provide effective GRC solutions to ensure the optimization of rather inefficient processes which in turn enhances your response to business risks improving your business decision-making capability.


Risk Management

Our GRC services continuously examine risk occurrences and help prioritize and manage them efficiently, improving overall productivity.

Compliance Management

Ensuring that the policies and internal procedures are in compliance with the standard industry regulations.

Audit Management

Strengthening audit assurance through planning and executing audit engagements, thus minimizing repetitive audit findings.

Vendor Risk Management

Observing and detecting risks in vendor ecosystems leading to the completion of the remediation cycle.

Customer Service Management simply means helping your customers by providing them instant support through multiple channels like email, chat, phone, and social media. Customer satisfaction and retention directly impact a company’s growth, increased satisfaction, and quick response to their issues results in customer retention which in turn impacts the profit graph.


Managing customer service requests via a number of channels can be challenging but with ServiceNow CSM, customer queries are addressed quickly and efficiently.


Why QBrainX for ServiceNow CSM?

Our ServiceNow CSM experts not only assist you in quickly resolving complex customer issues by connecting customer service with other teams in order to resolve issues proactively but also enhances their experience through automated bots.

QBrainX enjoys expertise in the following ServiceNow CSM applications:

Omni-channel Engagement

Ensures customer support via phone, web, chat, email, etc. We work with all the touchpoints on the customer's journey

Issue and Case Management

Identifying and resolving issues that are common for multiple customers, along with tracking and managing customer interactions.

Predictive Intelligence

ServiceNow CSM leverages machine learning to sort, categorize, and assign issues ensuring quick solutions.

Virtual Agent

Using an automated chatbot to enhance the customer experience and complete flexibility for your business.

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