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Why us?

QBrainX’s digital expertise in data analytics enables you to unlock multi-faceted business outcomes by leveraging the power of all disruptive next-generation data technologies.

We assist you in analyzing and developing a solid data foundation in order to optimize business performance and create new data opportunities.

Our Data Analytics Service Offerings

Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

QBrainX enables you to obtain enterprise-class analytics in the cloud while avoiding the deployment and management of infrastructure. You can conduct data analysis on a fully customized cloud analytics platform built and maintained by us.

Managed data analysis

Our data analysts collect and process your data in order to provide you with instant one-time or recurring analytics insights.

Data Analytics Consulting

Our consultants assist you in selecting the best data analytics strategy and guiding you through the process of developing, designing, implementing, and improving data analytics solutions.

Data Analytics implementation

We implement and design an analytics solution that addresses your current data analytics needs while scaling up as they grow.

Data Analytics modernization

We assist you in upgrading your existing data analytics solution to maximize ROI and meet new data analytics requirements.

CRM Analytics

QBrainX’s AI-powered intelligent CRM platform suite can help you improve your customer experience strategy.

Digital Analytics

Using Machine Learning Insights, you can protect and grow your business. All systems are monitored by a cloud-native M/L service, saving time and reputation.

Big Data Analytics

Collecting, processing, and storing massive amounts of operational data, detecting deviations, identifying bottlenecks, and forecasting.

Regulatory and compliance Analytics

QBrainX helps you assess risk data and quality metrics to improve the efficiency and quality of your products or services.

Fraud and Risk Analytics

Using QBrainX’s Analytical algorithms detect and investigate the trends that could indicate unusual behavior or potential rule violations, as well as the real-time analysis of qualitative and quantitative compliance risk factors.

Data Management Offerings

Data management services assist in the consolidation of fragmented data and the application of data analytics techniques to solve your business problems in real-time.

A comprehensive data management program that includes the following elements to assist you in managing corporate data throughout its life cycle:

  • Data Governance

    Developing data governance standards and policies to ensure data integration, availability, quality, security, and more.

  • Data Architecture

    Creating a data architecture to govern how data is collected, integrated, stored, analyzed, and used.

  • Data Integration

    Data virtualization and extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes are used to consolidate data from disparate data sources.

  • Data Quality Management

    Maintaining high-quality data by data cleansing, data enrichment, and data quality assurance.

  • Data Storage

    Data deduplication, data profiling, and standardization enable data consistency and quality across transactional and business intelligence systems.

  • Data Security

    To prevent unauthorized data access and inappropriate data usage, set up data security practices and conduct regular BI and DWH risk assessments.

  • Data Migration and Backup

    With preliminary data assessment and data migration automation, you can move your data from one system to another with guaranteed efficiency and security.

Big Data Services

With big data analysis, we help companies maximize the
value of their data and achieve their business objectives.

Big Data Consulting

With the help of our experts, you can extract valuable insights from large amounts of multi-structured, identify market trends and improve customer satisfaction.

Big Data Implementation

To meet your business needs and objectives, we develop and implement a full-scale big data analytics solution with our advanced tech.

Big Data Support

We perform a health check to diagnose issues within the existing big data infrastructure, provide tailored recommendations, and implement, as needed, to ensure a big data solution’s maximum ROI and smooth evolution.

Big Data Managed Analytics

We analyze your big data to provide actionable one-time or ongoing analytics insights without the need to set up and maintain a proprietary big data solution.

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