Data is the revolving truth of any given organization.

Data is a natural element that exists in information architecture. Natural Truth is the organic strength of any existence. It has to stay on a solid foundation & have a constant strategic vision applied to it. The foundation is backed up by mighty enablers such as data products. The story of each organization is written using data. It is no brainer to say that Success Story is dominated by a successful data framework.

QBrainX Data Center Of Excellence has a collective experience of 40+ years on implementing data solutions for wide variety of customers.


Build Foundation

Construct the Information Architecture for the new engagement/product/service


Transform the legacy data solution into performance intensive & cost effective modern/open-source intelligent solutions

GMS (Govern, Manage & Support)

Build strategic policy & trust framework, consistent management of deployed solutions & proactive Support

Our Team of Professional Consultants have implemented solutions for Blue Cross Blue Shield, State Medicaid Agencies, Automotive Majors, Retail Organizations.

These Solutions are built using:

  • Classic & Modern Database products (Oracle, Teradata, MySQL, Mongo DB)
  • Cloud Data Products (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform)
  • Data Integration Products (Informatica, IBM, Talend, Denodo)
  • Intelligence Solutions (Tableau, Microsoft, MicroStrategy)

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