Microservice Architecture

Streamline your IT stacks faster, dependable, and more independent using microservices applications.

Our Microservice Architecture

Transform your IT stack with our revolutionary microservice architecture.

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Many enterprises leveraged QBrainX’s solution to upgrade their IT stacks with agile, secure, and more autonomous microservices applications. We constructed several applications using microservices, and we used basic mechanisms to carry out quick repairs, upgrades, and other features. Using DevOps and agile approaches, we created numerous microservice applications.


Microservices Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of your enterprise IT systems, as well as a strategic roadmap for easy microservices adoption.

Microservices Migration

Microservices enable a smooth transition from monolithic apps and legacy systems to a microservices architecture.

Microservices and DevOps

Microservices are well-suited to DevOps ideals, allowing small teams to collaborate more effectively.

Microservices Testing

Our microservices testing services assist you in validating the workflow of the entire work process, as well as all services and integrations.

Support and Maintenance

We offer proactive support and maintenance services to improve the quality and reduce the number of defects in microservices application development.

Microservices Integration

By integrating APIs to make application databases and legacy apps more flexible and agile, we can effectively build and manage microservices.

Enterprise Microservices Adoption

Only the components that require an upgrade must be upgraded in a Microservices architecture. Other technologies that do not require major upgrades can be used to implement the remaining applications.

Custom App Development for All Size of Businesses

Using Multiple microservice components, deploy, alter and redeploy independently. With resources like merchant forums and targeted ad platforms at your disposal, you can accelerate app adoption.

Data Microservices

Polyglot persistence is supported by our data microservice architecture. It means that different database technologies can be used for different microservices.

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