QBrainX's Salesforce professional services include Salesforce consulting, implementation, integration, and support, as well as other services aimed at maximizing Salesforce's business potential.

QBrainX offers a comprehensive collection of Salesforce professional services to help you implement your CRM strategy with the right tools and assist businesses in improving their sales, marketing, and customer service processes.

QBrainX provides high-quality custom development services to assist you in resolving business issues and enhancing your Salesforce program with highly customized solutions. With years of experience in Salesforce customizations and Salesforce experts, we are one of the best technological partners you can work with.

Salesforce Services

Salesforce Consulting

QBrainX's experienced consultants can address your specific CRM concerns, such as low sales productivity and poor departmental alignment, as well as CRM performance issues, and help you maximize your Salesforce's potential.

Our Salesforce Consulting's Features and Roles

• Creating a plan for user adoption.
• Endorsing the best Salesforce edition for the job.
• Salesforce Sales, Service, and Marketing Clouds are used to create sales, customer service, and marketing processes.
• Assist you in defining and mapping your business goals.

Salesforce Implementation

Build a foundation of automated business processes that are frictionless and consistent, end-user-friendly solutions, and a systematic approach to solution delivery with our Salesforce implementation professionals.

QBrainX’s Salesforce implementation features

• Achieve a high success implementation rate
• Sales Cloud
• Service Cloud
• Implementation Strategy
• Community Cloud
• Marketing Cloud
• Financial Services Cloud
• Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration services strive to integrate Salesforce solutions to your other business-critical platforms smoothly and with QBrainX’s experts, you can overcome any integration challenges and develop cost-effective Salesforce integrations.

QBrainX’s Salesforce integration assists your business in

• Automate business processes and integration using APIs.
• An in-depth analysis of business needs and software.
• Design of a detailed road map and implementation of a solution.
• Continuous Support and maintenance.
• A single authentication across tools improves the user experience.
• Obtain complete insight into your customers.

Salesforce Development and Customization

QBrainX assists organizations in Salesforce customization and application development to achieve their objectives. We use Visualforce, Lightning, Apex, and other tools to help you create custom modules, processes, add-ons, and applications for Salesforce.

Development & Customization features

• We can help you scale your Salesforce solution by integrating third-party platforms.
• To speed up time-to-value, we employ Salesforce customizations for bulk automated processes.
• Add custom fields, objects, and records to your account by the in-build Salesforce tool.
• Customize your Salesforce solution based on your business model.
• Configure workflow validation, report creation, and apps developed on the lighting platform.

Salesforce Migration

By enlisting the support of QBrainX Salesforce migration services, you can streamline and improve your business processes while also making the time-consuming task of Salesforce CRM migration more efficient.

QBrainX’s Salesforce Migration Features

• Migrate your business data from any CRM platform to Salesforce CRM.
• Our Salesforce aficionados can quickly import data into the Salesforce CRM system.
• Examining the present CRM and mapping of data.
• Importing and demonstrating sandboxes.
• Consideration of Salesforce.
• Validation of the client.

Salesforce Managed Services

QBrainX’s Salesforce Managed Services provides a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective approach to protect and maximize your investment without having to hire additional full-time, dedicated employees. We assist businesses in maintaining and evolving Salesforce systems to meet their specific business requirements.

QBrainX’s Salesforce Managed Services Features

• Adaptable Salesforce solution and effective cost management.
• Genuine salesforce solution that evolves with your company's demands.
• Business processes that aren't disrupted.
• Examine your company's requirements.
• Enhancement of features and business processes.
• Deployment of additional Salesforce products.

Key Benefits of our on-demand model

  • Agile and Flexible solution.

  • Certified Salesforce developers and admins.

  • Expertise in CRM development

  • Rapid delivery

  • Aggressive pricing

  • Proficient and Skilled developers.

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