Our ServiceNow Highlights

QBrainX helps companies install solutions rapidly and with remarkable efficiency,
without sacrificing the user experience.


Workflow Digitization

Our powerful enterprise solution helps businesses to automate their business processes by creating workflows that digitize and streamline day-to-day operations.

Enterprise Modernization

To modernize enterprises through innovative digital engineering, we specialize them with ServiceNow, ITSM, ITOM, GRC, CSM, HR Service management, and business management

Boosting Business Metrics

QBrainX ensures a considerable boost in business metric dimensions through automation strategy and implementation.

Our ServiceNow Capabilities

We aided our customers in improving their firms’ service management and removing service bottlenecks across all business functions as a global ServiceNow solution implementation supplier. ServiceNow, a cloud-based platform, promotes business process automation and efficiency, paving the way for digital transformation. QBrainX’s service offers ServiceNow consultancy and implementation.


ITSM is a set of workflows and technologies that enables the development, delivery, and management of IT services to be as efficient as possible. It provides increased productivity, lowers costs, and improved end-user satisfaction. ITSM handles incidents, service requests, problems, and modifications that are usually related to an ITSM platform, such as ServiceNow.



The ITOM platform ServiceNow improves cloud utilization and reduces the organization’s expenditures. It also supports infrastructure management and the provision of services. In a single recording system, ITOM gathers and translates telemetry information throughout all your IT assets. Data are contained in the IT cloud and complicated container-based infrastructure, logs, metrics, and events. ITOM helps to enhance IT productivity, improve automated service, reduce failures, and cut development costs.


GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) aids in the development of an integrated risk management module that responds to business risks in real-time. It aids in the integration of security and IT with a risk program that provides continuous monitoring, automation, and prioritizing. Inherent exposure to vulnerability and menaces, external laws and regulations supporting internal verification and validation, policy and compliance, which meet internal aims or targets in external legislation and regulations are applications of GRC.



Customer Service Management (CSM) is a workflow or tool for delegating and tracking all interactions with clients and customers. It is a robust platform with the ability to quickly construct apps and interact with systems of record to expedite digital transformation in IT services.


Using intelligent workflows, you can boost productivity by optimizing the employee service experience. Employees should have the correct experience no matter where they work.


QBrainX’s service offers ServiceNow consultancy and implementation. ServiceNow, a cloud-based platform, promotes business process automation and efficiency, paving the way for digital transformation.

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