Customer Service Management

CSM is a set of tools and workflows for optimum tracking and managing all customer interactions.

Our Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management (CSM) is a workflow or tool for delegating and tracking all interactions with clients and customers.


It is a robust platform with the ability to quickly construct apps and interact with systems of record to expedite digital transformation in IT services. Visual task assignment is a faster and easier workflow that provides an easy, graphical option to working with any ServiceNow application. The advantages of employing visual task assignments include the ability to view processes, modify the manner of working, and keep the state of the work or task up to date.

Features of CSM

Outsources customer service

It makes it easier to handle situations, outsource service without sacrificing control or visibility, and keep resolutions moving ahead. The account and industry data models manage customer interactions with other entities and outsource customer service promptly, onboarding providers, and routing work from them.

Field Service Management

It enables employees and customers to accomplish tasks correctly in the meantime, maximizing uptime and improving efficiency. Dynamic scheduling, mobile agents, asset management, cost management, continuous improvement management, predictive intelligence, and performance analytics are all characteristics of field service management.

Service management for issue resolution

The advantages of using service management for issue resolution are that it reduces service disruption, speeds up root cause resolution, and speeds up service restoration. Visual task assignment is a faster and easier workflow that provides an easy, graphical option to working with any ServiceNow application.

Advanced Work Assignment

It enables agents to assist clients and address difficulties more quickly. The enhanced work assignment offers an automated workflow in which the best agent routes the work based on criteria or affinity with the case.

Case Management

It manages the cases easily and helps in the management of the interactions and SLAs employed without losing control to outsourcing services. Outsourcing allows you to provide customer assistance alongside third parties from a single platform.

Workforce optimization

It allows you to boost team productivity, plan for success, acquire real-time visibility, and improve work-life balance. Team schedules, performance reporting, skill management, quality evaluations, queue management, and omnichannel optimization.


It assists customers in swiftly locating issues by utilizing workflow, an AI-powered chatbot, connecting customers with specialists, and fast deploying self-service on any website. By using an engagement messenger, the effort of customer queries is reduced and increasing self-service ROI, including knowledge management, virtual agents, and service catalogs.

Proactive customer service operations

It assists in detecting difficulties as soon as they occur by utilizing many analytics and machine learning techniques to detect and remedy the issue as quickly as possible. It also minimizes inbound calls, improves customer experience, boosts agent efficiency, and decreases MTTR (mean time to resolution).

Agent Workspace

Efficient use of agent workspace, address problems faster utilizing automated suggestions through machine education, proactive report big problem-based occurrences, and live insight and communication updates. The advanced job tasks, tabbed interface, automatic interaction logins, agent support, and flexible layout offer the advantages of employing agent workspace.

Visual workflow and automation

It aid in the creation of end-to-end digital workflows, such as automated procedures ranging from simple to sophisticated transformation. The advantages of employing visual workflow include automated routines for everyone, faster IT development, and integration of third-party services.

Improved Customer Service Flow

It gives agents the ideal experience and gives contextual information, for example, speed resolution time, to facilitate problem-solving and enhances the first contact solving through automated routing problems for suitable agents.

Performance Analytics

The benefits of adopting performance analytics include prioritizing resources and driving automation or self-service to boost efficiency and save costs, allowing for better delivery experiences. Reports and Dashboards: It aids in the generation and distribution of user information, as well as the presentation of customized reports in the dashboard.

Advantages of utilizing QBrainX's CSM

  • It reduces driven costs by half.

  • Automation of workflows and business rules.

  • Enhances client satisfaction.

  • Prevents consumer calls in advance.

  • Surprisingly good customer support functionality.

  • It is a very scalable solution.

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