The ITOM platform ServiceNow improves cloud utilization and reduces the organization’s expenditures. It also supports infrastructure management and the provision of services. In a single recording system, ITOM gathers and translates telemetry information throughout all your IT assets. Data are contained in the IT cloud and complicated container-based infrastructure, logs, metrics, and events. ITOM helps to enhance IT productivity, improve automated service, reduce failures, and cut development costs.


Key Features of ITOM


Service Mapping and Discovery

Service Mapping allows IT departments of corporations, organizations, and cloud providers to provide a platform as a service to establish a service-aware picture of the infrastructure. The discovery and service mapping processes provide a unified view of the IT network and the services it supports.

ITOM optimization

It provides an integrated, service-centered strategy to optimizing business service quality, driving efficient operations, and ensuring robust governance. The Cloud Provisioning and Governance feature equip the tool need to improve private and public cloud infrastructure and services while also ensuring consistent management and cost visibility.

Management of IT Service

ITOM Visibility’s IT infrastructure for controlling and delivering services to users inspires confidence. Changes and incidents generated and handled by IT Service Manager apps are represented on the ITOM Visibility Service Maps. The usage of ITOM Visibility-collected data aids in the management of IT services by providing an insight into the applications used in the enterprise.

ITOM Visibility

QBrainX’s ITOM Visibility solution includes discovery, service mapping, inventory and management certificate, service graph connections, multi-source CMDB, and firewall audits and reporting. The discovery and service mapping processes provide a unified view of the IT network and the services it supports.

Benefits of adopting QBrainX's IT Operations Management

Service Discovery and Mapping.

Software Development lifecycles.

Configuration Automation.

Cloud Provisioning.

Event Management.


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