IT Service Management

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Our IT Service Management

ITSM is a set of workflows and technologies that enables the development, delivery, and management of IT services to be as efficient as possible.


It provides increased productivity, lowers costs, and improved end-user satisfaction. ITSM handles incidents, service requests, problems, and modifications that are usually related to an ITSM platform, such as Service Now.

ITSM Features

Service Catalog

Monitoring service obligations performance and prioritizing, reallocating, and expanding activities.

Incident Management

Restore services and rapidly fix problems. It boosts employee productivity, restores services, and increases incident deflection.

Password Reset

End users can reset their passwords, modify their passwords and unlock actions via discussions between Virtual Agent.

Asset Management

Gain essential asset management capacities for infrastructure, operations, and field services supervision. Make use of investment in the asset life cycle to improve IT services and make intelligent decisions.

Field Service Management

By streamlining field service management, organizations can streamline workforce operations, boost efficiency and simplify everyday life—not only for on-the-job personnel but also for the bureau’s administrative personnel.

Release Management

It aids in conflict resolution, concurrent change management, risk assessment, and calculation, and maintaining a single system or record.

Problem Management

Finding and even resolving the most challenging problems, reducing the impact of unforeseen disruptions, and even preventing difficulties. By employing problem management, minimize disruptions, eliminate incidents, and speed up the resolution of the root cause.

Change Management

Using built-in AI, simplify, automate, and speed complicated change processes, reduce failure and expenses. The advantages of implementing change management include increased skill and accuracy, organizational integration, and increased change velocity.


The ServiceNow database that stores information about all technical services is known as the CMDB. It contains service name and description, approvers for modifications and service responsibilities as well as other closely connected information on support services.

Advantages of our ITSM

  • Dashboards and benchmarks in real-time.

  • Setup with guidance.

  • Configuration without a code.

  • A single record-keeping system.

  • Cloud computing and security at the enterprise level.

  • Inherently mobile apps.

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