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Testing Services

QBrainx specializes in helping companies navigate towards their digital transformation by delivering enterprise digital assurance.

From designing the test strategy to planning to management and reporting, we are your go-to place for Quality Engineering curating a seamless SDLC process to optimize your business and boost its productivity. The amalgamation of our Hyper-Testing and enhancements on-the-go methodology you get a market-ready product within the shortest possible time.

  1. Cost Savings: Saving up to 25-35% in cost within the first year of using Hyper-Testing methodology
  2. Reduced Test Efforts: Up to 50% reduction in overall test efforts through continuous improvement and best processes
  3. Improved Time to Market: 20% improved time to market through greater transparency of testing processes and procedures


Our Hyper-testing methodology, aimed at delivering agile, optimized, and consistent services, helps you save up to 25-30% in costs, that too just within the first year alongside maintaining the highest standards on quality.


  1. End-to-End QA Authority For All The IT Systems
  2. Multiple Skills For Retail Business as well as Technology
  3. Engagement Model Bound to Deliver Outcome

Domain Focus

With the best practices of Agile and DevOps, QBrainx has mastered in accelerating the application delivery. Over the years, QBrainx has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the IT needs of retailers and has accomplished the art of:


  1. Improvising to deal with competition
  2. Reducing the overall losses that resulted from incorrect orders, pricing, etc
  3. Providing users an uninterrupted and consistent shopping experience
  4. Enhancing the overall brand loyalty

With our unique Agile Testing Methodology (Hybrid Testing), QBrainX is known to nurture the best Independent Testing Service units in perfect alignment with the Quality Engineering practices of the industry, helping organizations in setting up an unmatched Quality Assurance Engineering (QAE) process.

The QAE process is the perfect combination of innovative techniques and expert advisers which, at the same time, is flexible enough to accommodate any dynamic demands and accelerate the progress in toto.


  1. Testing is a vital part of any project and the implications of a sub-standard testing strategy can lead to an increase in the operating costs and bring down the time-to-market of the products. A robust testing strategy is the only thing that can overcome this
  2. With our testing expertise across various industries, structured assessment frameworks and proven methodologies you get a chance to lay a strategic, uncompromising and cost-efficient road map


Hyper Testing

The only impactful solution to an organization’s pain points is the hyper testing methodology. Apart from identifying errors at level 1, this methodology is also known to deliver quality solutions in a short span of time. With our Testing Services & Solutions expertise, you get a chance to rekindle your entire testing processes.

  1. Enhanced collaboration between development and testing teams
  2. A logical view of the application under test
  3. Reduction in the time taken for testing feedback by 40%
  4. Access to 100s of platforms in the cloud

DevOps Testing

One of the most effective solutions for a continuous and consistent delivery process is the integration of autonomous continuous testing processes into your DevOps initiatives. With our team of DevOps experts and our approach to DevOps testing, you get a chance to help organizations build and implement a templated approach. Our DevOps Testing services include:

  1. Pipeline Automation
  2. Continuous Testing Processes
  3. Quality Monitoring
  4. Automated Dashboard
  5. Reports Generation
  6. Integration, Building, and Deployment

Performance Engineering

With our performance engineering services, the testing and the development teams are brought together to begin with the testing process alongside development, which means that errors will be detected at the initial stages of development, thus avoiding any last-minute issues or changes. This surges your ROI in toto, as testing the software begins right from the design phase. Here’s a peek at our capabilities:

  1. Continuous Performance Testing
  2. Capacity Planning
  3. Performance Benchmarking and Monitoring
  4. Framework Design


A quick glance at the roadmap for achieving QA maturity:



  1. Enhanced collaboration between development and testing teams
  2. A logical view of the application under test
  3. Reduction in the time taken for testing feedback by 40%
  4. Access to 100s of platforms in the cloud


  1. Test Planning and Strategy
  2. Test Monitoring
  3. Test Control
  4. Test Design
  5. Test Execution
  6. Test Organization


  1. Feedback - Non-Functional testing
  2. Test Measurement
  3. Metrics

Steady State

  1. Workforce Innovation
  2. Monitoring and Quality Control
  3. Error Control
  4. Overall Process Steadiness
  5. KPI Proven

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