webinar on Catalog Builder
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Transforming Service Catalog with Catalog Builder

webinar on Catalog Builder

Catalog builder is designed to serve the most common and simple use cases so that business users can easily utilize it. You can construct a catalog item with a visual and guided experience and establish limitations with the help of a catalog builder. Catalog creation and management can be delegated using the catalog builder. The user can execute plans, use meta tags, and price settings while using catalog items.

Our webinar will aid you in understanding the Catalog Builder and its transformation services.

Topics Covered:

  • Catalog Builder- Creating Catalog Items
  • Introduction (Why, How and What approach)
  • Roles, Access, etc.
  • Traditional method Vs Catalog Builder
  • Creating catalog item templates
  • Creating catalog items from templates
  • Hands-on development with Use Case
  • Catalog item creation process, states
  • Catalog builder setup( System Properties)
  • Template creation, catalog creation
  • Catalog access
  • Preview options (Portal vs Now mobile)

Session ended. You can watch the session recording by clicking the link below.