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Webinar on Performance Analytics Fundamentals & Essentials

This Webinar is intended for performance analytics administrators, business process owners, and power users who need deeper service insight using performance analytics. This may also be useful for service owners who plan to establish requirements and standards for Indicator and Dashboard creation.

Session ended. You can watch the session recording by clicking the link below.


Essentials of Performance Analytics:

Performance analytics is an optimization solution that aids in the identification of bottlenecks, the improvement of process and service efficiency, and the reduction of costs.

The fundamental and essential performance analytics session will succor your organization’s service by identifying performance analytics solutions, configuring content packs to impact performance management, in-depth process analysis, and dashboard usage to empower your organization with real-time performance insight and data flow.

Topics Covered:

  • Get introduced to the Performance Analytics essential concepts
  • Perform detailed Indicator analysis using the Analytics Hub
  • Create and configure Data Collection jobs
  • Configure Indicator Sources and build Automated Indicators
  • Create Breakdowns for multidimensional analysis, buckets and breakdown relations
  • Set up Manual Indicators and manage manual data population
  • Build Formula Indicators for added process and service inferences
  • Make data actionable and improve navigation with Targets, Thresholds, and Element Filters
  • Identify Widget types and build custom Widget visualizations
  • Design role‑based Dashboards containing Widgets and data Filters

Advanced Topics:

  • Integrate Performance Analytics
  • Cleaning collected Performance Analytics data
  • Scripting in performance analytics

Session ended. You can watch the session recording by clicking the link below.