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Webinar on ServiceNow CMDB, Discovery

The CMDB is the ServiceNow database that stores information about all technical services. Within the CMDB, the support information for each service offering is stored in a Configuration Item (CI) specific to that service. It enables IT teams to better manage their infrastructure especially in the areas of business service impact analysis, asset management, and compliance. Protect your organization infrastructure from harmful threats, by building and utilizing the logical representation of assets and services in CMDB, which in turn helps to monitor the infrastructure for ensured integrity, stability and continued serviced operations.


How QBrainX helps businesses/ customers to utilize its CMDB solutions:

  • With CMDB it promotes Transparency, Visibility, and Better Management of IT Assets
  • With the help of CMDB Qbrainx ensures it supports Accurate Risk Assessment for New Changes and Deployments
  • Centralize Data from a Myriad of Sources
  • Qbrainx ensures CMDB Supports Effective Event/Incident Management
  • With the help of CMDB Qbrainx tracks Changes to a CI Over Time

Learn more on how our ServiceNow specialists implement CMDB core features to help business and organizations to monitor and detect health issues, reconcile data integrity issues, and manage data life cycle.

Key Takeaways from this webinar:

  • IT Challenges
  • Benefits of CMDB
  • CMDB Relationships
  • What’s new in Quebec Release for CMDB vs London?
  • Why CMDB, and how it works?
  • View CMDB
  • CMDB Implementation Success Stories

About the Speaker

Sonia Shridhar

Having 6.6+ years of IT experience, Sonia started her career with Accenture in 2014, switched to Expedia in 2017 and Currently working with QBrainX as a ServiceNow Developer. She has good expertise in – SNOW Admin, Development, ITSM, ITOM & Service Portal.